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More moderators/better support on forumotion

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If you agree with this statement/suggestion, vote yes.

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More moderators/better support on forumotion Empty More moderators/better support on forumotion

Post by Guest October 10th 2010, 7:55 pm

Forumotion is great in terms of what is being offered for our forums, however I can't find myself rating it high based on the lack of support on these forums. This place needs more moderators and better support.

I know the typical excuses, "we're all busy, we have real lives, be patient" etc..etc..etc....

However, those excuses lead to poor support here on forumotion. The help that I've received on some issues has been great, however some help or lack of support entirely, has been awful.

I have topics on forumotion that I have made over 2 months ago and has not received a single reply of support no matter how many times I've bumped the topic. Yet I see some other post getting support and my topic drags right back down to the bottom. I've been breaking my head with issues trying to figure out coding errors and the way things should be displayed properly.

Here is an example topic that I made here on August 31th 2010, today is October 10th 2010 and I have not even had a single reply of support (Click Here!). That's over a month that I've been trying to figure something out and not even a single reply of help. Then if you accidentally double post, a moderator will quickly notice that and lower your warning level for it, however, they will completely ignore the point of your topic and provide no help to your problem 7 out of 10 times after moderating your "violation". This keeps clean, all while neglecting actual support for members.

The fact is, the lack of staff here for over 40,000 members is the reason for the lack of support. We need more moderators on this forum for better support, I know many of you feel the same, if you agree with this suggestion, please vote yes. Provide your feedback.

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More moderators/better support on forumotion Empty Re: More moderators/better support on forumotion

Post by MrMario October 10th 2010, 8:36 pm

Please don't create these topics. We know you like to see more staff but there isn't anyone out there that helps long enough. We aren't going to hire someone who just joined and provides support for a month or two week. There are members who we are watching and might pick up on staff. Not all of us know the answer to your question(s) so that is why no one is helping you because no one knows. If you don't get help just bump the topic. Also there are other forums out there that do provide support for Forumotion and sometimes that is better. We do are job the best we can so I don't see why you are getting mad over staff who are doing their job. That being said this topic is locked.

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