Something Crazy Weird :(

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Something Crazy Weird :(

Post by dark_wizzie on October 15th 2010, 9:05 pm

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Either I am high, or something odd just happened ono my forums. The most posted thread in my forum is the thread, "What Music are you Listening To?" in the off topics section. It has always been one thread, with 990 posts and 6000+ views. My problem is that I log on today, and the thread has been split into two! Not only that, the thread said that it has been started on August 2010, and there has been no thread splitting when I check the security panel... Furthermore, the original thread got instantly locked, stuck at 990 posts. I unlock it and try to merge the two threads. Instead, the old thread locks itself again, and its thread views turned into 1111! Does anyone have any clue as to what the heck is happening? bwi
EDIT: I read the thread for limits on the forum, and it seems that the max posts was 990! I didn't bother checking since I thought the max posts would be a roundd number, like 1000. Oh well.

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Re: Something Crazy Weird :(

Post by Sanket on October 16th 2010, 8:06 am

Locked, since solution found

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