In need of code assistance.

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In need of code assistance.

Post by BIG_C_23 on October 18th 2010, 3:38 am

So Im working on a redo of my website and going in stages, adding new features everyday. But im having an issue with my first feature.
First here is a link to see what im doing.

As you see, at the bottom i have added a Quick-Nav menu and what is supposed to a box surrounding the quick-nav. My friend said he was working on something but hasent finished it. So im wondering if anyone can write up a code so that box can actually surround the quick nav. without it, the menu is just out there and looks ugly.

Thanks, Big C

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Re: In need of code assistance.

Post by MrMario on October 18th 2010, 6:40 am

Hi, your title being non explicit and therefore not facilitating research via the search option, I'm not answering (nor is any other member) until you change your title for an explicit one, related to your problem
Why we ask for explicit titles
The forum's search engine bases its research on keywords found in topic titles.

When you do a research, do you use "help", "urgent", "problem", "SOS" or "question" as keywords to look for topics about your problem/question?
Certainly not! So this is why it is important to use titles related to your problem/question. Doing this makes the researches much easier for visitors who use the search engine to get an answer to their question.
Thanks for your understanding.

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