Status Updates Widget & Profile Tab

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Status Updates Widget & Profile Tab

Post by Guest on October 18th 2010, 7:37 pm

Sharing your status or simple messages with the rest of your forum community could be a great way to get your members more interactive with each other.

I am suggesting we have a status update tab on our forum profiles (to update our status as to what we're doing or whatever, kind of like twitter, facebook, myspace, etc..) and a widget that displays all of the members status updates on the fly for all to see and comment on, kind of like the recent topics widget.

If this becomes possible, forumotion could be the first forum/social network combination on the internet.

Anyone agree? Disagree? Please share your feedback on this suggestion. What do you think?


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Re: Status Updates Widget & Profile Tab

Post by Jophy on May 7th 2013, 7:07 am

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