Does this script still work to disable right click?

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Does this script still work to disable right click?

Post by DigitalCyanide on October 26th 2010, 12:13 am

I was looking for a way to disable right click in my forum and found this.
<script language=JavaScript1.2> function ejs_nodroit() { alert('Right-click is forbidden !!!'); return(false); } document.oncontextmenu = ejs_nodroit; </script>

It was from 2008, so I was wondering if it still works?
I was also wondering if I use this code will it hinder people from using right click to copy and paste text for a quote. I really just want to stop people from being able to take our images with just a few mouse clicks. I know all the in and outs of you cannot keep an image safe, but at least making them work a little for it might help us find those that are 'borrowing' our images. I guess I am asking if the above code is for all right click or just images? Is there a code for just disabling right click for images?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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