Now I'm going on my Mini-Website Center idea.

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Now I'm going on my Mini-Website Center idea.

Post by Namjies on October 23rd 2007, 1:16 am

Was thinking about my mini-website center idea and just qot the idea of a 2 module frames for the forum portal. Why not create one frame with links in it, that when mouse is over, split in sublists of links, like many website navigation bars. Exemple: A skyscraper frame that can be placed left or right of our portal.

And the second frame have many pages associated with the first frame's links. So when we click the in the links in the first frame, it change the content page displayed in the the second frame, that would be larger and could be placed in the middle of our portal.

That way, the html page management from the administration could become the Mini-Website center. A cool tool for adding permanent content for everyone. That way, with all the other modules we can place on the portal of forums, the portal of each forum could look just like a professional website! With contents on the sides that keeps there and the middle page browsing. Just so useful.

Leave comments please.
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Re: Now I'm going on my Mini-Website Center idea.

Post by Jophy on October 26th 2012, 8:27 pm

You can create it with HTML.

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