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URCS: Redemption

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URCS: Redemption Empty URCS: Redemption

Post by lilnibbler1988 October 25th 2010, 2:39 pm

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URCS: Redemption

The job advert the Times wouldn’t put in the recruitment section:

The URCS is a large organisation looking to add to its diverse, friendly and energetic team of supernatural fighting experts. Interested? Read on.

Job Description: Are you a dedicated individual who is willing to work ridiculously long hours and regularly put your life in danger? Then this is the job for you. You didn’t want a personal life anyway.

Want to be in on the world’s best kept secret? Of course you do! URCS is an organisation looking for scientists, doctors, soldiers, computer nerds and academics in the fields of mythology and history. All departments will receive on the job training by shadowing a member of the team in order to become acquainted with the supernatural.

Job Requirements: Most members of our organisation live on base, a disused military establishment in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, the beautiful mountain range in Southern Wales. Yes it is in the middle of nowhere... but it’s pretty. Not to fear however, there is a small village a twenty minute walk away with a popular pub. The private jet will take you into London and other big cities and you can borrow a car or even bring your own. So it really isn’t that bad...

Back to requirements, qualifications and/or experience in the chosen field will be required.

URCS: Redemption URCSSeries4banner

This the fourth site of the series with and we are hoping it will be the best. With a new banking system, a continuous supply of mini missions as well as our main plot missions. Whether it’s the drama of the base or the centre of a battle you want to post in we have it. It’s a unique site that lets the imagination roam.

As it has only just opened the activity is still fairly low but the more of you that join us the more active will become.

So join us and bump back at the things in the night....
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