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Shadow Topics

Post by King Wiz on November 9th 2010, 9:32 am

Hello there,

although I have used this forum for support on numerous occasions (and firstly thank you for this forum and the support), I could not find anything that would awnser this question:

On phpbb3 forums can you create shadow topics and if so how?

I run a phpbb2 forum on and when I move a topic I can leave a shadow topic behind. In essence I can put the same topic in two sections and different groups can all post on it in their releveant sections.

You see I run two alliances on a MMORPG and I would like to be able to post the same thing on both sections of the forum but have one shared topic for it, something that I have bviously been able to do before.

Is this posible on phpbb3 forums or on forumotion?

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Re: Shadow Topics

Post by Diana on November 9th 2010, 1:04 pm

I think you can only jse the global announcement.
I asked a similar question - I wanted to have a joined thread in one category, in it's subforums.
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Re: Shadow Topics

Post by kirk on November 9th 2010, 7:06 pm

the only way you can have a shadow copy is if there is a post already or you create a post,then move and leave a shadow.

So it will be the same way as it was for you on phpbb3. you will just have to move he post then leave a shadow

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