Burden Of Advertisement In Forumotion Forums !

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Burden Of Advertisement In Forumotion Forums !

Post by Nomee on November 11th 2010, 7:46 am


Well from a couple of days definitely many members are discussing about the Advertisements which are being displayed some days before & what the amazing factor is that the Advertisement Showing options has been modified.

2 Days before we have this option

Advertisements for ::: > All > Members > Guests

But now this option is in ACP

Advertisements for ::: > All > Members & Guests.

1 week prior we didn,t have the advertisements even on home page of our forum but do follow as these are Forumotion Policies but I just say that please try to have these advertisements minimum ( because many of the comments of members which i read in GENERAL DISCUSSION Section ) & there i do observer that many members replied that

" He/She create forum on forumotion due to many features & most good feature is that it has less advertisement" & yups i also had the same words. but now a rapidly increase advertisements policies definitely make me feel that Advertisements are being imposed & imposed.

I know this is free forum & forumotion definitely place adds there but not in that manner ( Last week Progress ) because I Just say that minimum advertisements can attract more visitors for you instead of these advertisements policies.

& now the option has also changed
Advertisements for ::: > All > Members & Guests

Thanks !

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Re: Burden Of Advertisement In Forumotion Forums !

Post by Sanket on November 11th 2010, 9:55 am

This thread is being locked, since we already have an only topic here

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