Radio streaming without AUTOSTART!!!

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Radio streaming without AUTOSTART!!!

Post by morfil on November 12th 2010, 9:39 am

I entered all the HTML codes possible for Radio Streaming for my forum, they all work, but I can't stop them autoplaying!

I've changed autoplay="true" or autostart="1" to "false", respectively "0", but no effect, radio starts when the page is loading! Same thing happened when I visited a website which explains html codes.

They say their file won't play because it has autoplay="false", but IT PLAYS everytime I refresh the page!

It's a browser error? I use Google Chrome [latest]

I've changed loop="false", but the sound still plays when page is loading...

Here is the code:

<embed src="" loop="true" autoplay="false" width="145" height="60"></embed>

Please help me make the radio streaming play only when user is clicking play button.

I don't want autoplay! Is annoying! I hate it!

Help! I'm desperate!

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Re: Radio streaming without AUTOSTART!!!

Post by shadowz au on November 13th 2010, 1:32 am

Try this

<embed src="" loop="false" autoplay="false" width="145" height="60"></embed>

Work on Firefox

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