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All read please!

Post by Master™ on November 15th 2010, 4:38 pm

Hello friends,
Regarding the publicity of the forums, I come to my call and my appointment.

I believe this is not a technical error, but was done on purpose. We all Forumotion forum's administrators know that the service is only free because it has advertisements. Everything OK.

Here are some quotes that caught the topics posted so far:

If we want to be free of advertising, we pay for, according to this user costs.
rodmoretti wrote: To get an idea to remove the advertisements for one year for members is at about 12 dollars, to retire for a year of everyone, including guests is about 24 dollars.

Brazil : ~R$ 40
Portugal & Europe: ~10Euros

The "entrepreneurs" of Forumotion bancam only sites with advertising:

@TOH wrote: And I think the "entrepreneurs" should also be placed a little on the users' skin. We create forums, basically no intention of making money with them, just for fun or to provide any service in most cases. Until recently, one of the attractions that the service had Forumactif was flexibility regarding the advertisements. Then spend time managing forums, often adding thousands of users (which is good for the service, because the more patrons, the greater the number of people who click on ads) on the legality keep our forums (unlike the vast majority of hosts paid) and from night to day, our panel of directors is changed, without warning, without explanation, no nothing.

Okay, now let's see it.

Advertisements involving everything from "What's your vampire name" to Pornography, "X-rays that take the clothes," etc. .. the "entrepreneurs" would like to see their service going down because it has porn on it, though it may be indirectly?

They do not put in place Directors' Forums Forumotion?

Imagine a forum that has an average of 10 visitors per day, and it is graphic design (my example is this.) And of a sudden they appear pornography and X-Rays, Vampires etc.
WHAT VISITORS would THINK ABOUT THIS? Basic, would think that the forum is appealing too, and while leaving the same. How long, how many hours of work and struggle in which board administrators would be lost from one moment to another?

I also have something to report on the Forum of The Forums:

Anybody here seen any advertising like passing on our forums here in Forum of The Forums? Not that the blame is the Solkar or that he and the coaches are guilty or are cheating, but both are totally innocent, because it seems this was premeditated by the heads of them, that no official help forum for the various versions of FORUMOTION has advertising. And none of the sites FORUMOTION none of the versions have it. Only except Servimg's.

At least, not needed to place these ads appealing.

JcMaba wrote: In this kind of good propaganda "What's your vampire name?" breaks the forum

Until some time ago, who activated the blocks of advertising via adsense ad, and when propaganda did not appear Forumotion sites, appeared to BuscaPé or eBay. It's OK, because these sites is recognized worldwide and these are sites that can be trusted, why not again by these advertisements?

Planetabuggy wrote: Truth, our freedom has been taken away, since we installed our forums with the strict conditions of not being able to have the database but at the same time, we had the freedom to manage the ads. You take one thing, you should take the other. Keep those ads, but release the databases. It's simple ...

But, responding to Dury, not because dealers pay more, we will advertise them, is not it? However, if one has unethical sales technique, is not paying more because we give them space. This is the problem centered. The ads are not only distasteful but dangerous to users. These people are not trusted sites and are clearly aimed at phishing. Get into them, you do the work of hackers easy ..

Read this, heads of FORUMOTION, and attend to our call!

Quotes taken from the Brazilian Forum of the Forums.

Thanks to all who read,
Master ™

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Re: All read please!

Post by Codyy on November 15th 2010, 4:40 pm

Umm, what?

Are you saying you dislike the price of ad removal?
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Re: All read please!

Post by Master™ on November 15th 2010, 4:43 pm

No, I'm saying we have to take money from our pockets to see us free of advertising, since we can remove them without it (putting the visitors level only)

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Re: All read please!

Post by kirk on November 15th 2010, 7:14 pm

Topic locked.
There is already a thread concerning adds etc.. here

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