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Post by felicity4us2 on Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:44 pm


I am confused - could use some clarification.

Can I get a clear idea of what the 'gallery' is? I understand that we can store images there. Most of our members and I use photobucket or other places already. I am wondering if there is benefit of storing them here.

What I would like to use it for - if possible - is a place where I can put images for members use in posts - besides the smileys.

And/or, if we use the gallery here - either for individuals or for the community, are these images available to use in posts -

Maybe, a link where I could look at a 'gallery' would help, or a quick explanation.

I am just confused and can't seem to find enough information.

Thank you for your help

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Re: Gallery?

Post by LH Justin on Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:47 pm

It's basically just an image uploader. It's no more useful than any other uploading system save it has a viewing system for your forum.
LH Justin

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