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Flashing Ads

Post by Tinkerm on November 22nd 2010, 8:36 pm

Hi I am new and cannot afford yet to go ad less. My members are working on helping. However, the flashing neon ads are dangerous to people with seizer and epileptic disorders. And seem to be more prevailant in the post area where you are trying to focus on writing and can be there for some time.

Please reconsider these. I have had two members already say they cannot post at my board as its bothering them and makes it impossible for them to get up without almost falling after viewing for just a few seconds, doing something to their nervous systems. This is not overkill, even at amusement parks that have strobe lights on rides there are large warnings that they can cause seizures and will not be liable if someone with conditions that would be affected if they choose to go on the ride. Also observatories also have these restrictions. Please take these off as they are dangerous to those people who do not know about this side affect. Thank you

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Re: Flashing Ads

Post by MrMario on November 22nd 2010, 9:41 pm


Please don't use color since its only for staff use. This is also in the wrong section. This should be placed in the support section. Lastly, just make the ad's only for guest under General // Configeration // Who can see ad's // Guest // Save

You can also tell the users who have this problem to download an ad blocker. Wink

Have any more questions/comments about this please use the support section.

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