Sitemap.xml - forum widgets , portal , html`+ tags questions

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Sitemap.xml - forum widgets , portal , html`+ tags questions

Post by ramman3 on November 30th 2010, 6:11 pm

Im not so experienced and i can be wrong , but i have to ask :

- why in sitemap i can see only forum content? not forum widgets , not portal sites or html sites ? ( only that extensions with f1 , f2 ? ) , how may i change that and add portal and html pages to sitemap?

- why portal pages must looks ? instead - same is with html pages , but here , after html editing , we can delete that c2ff673e00e880927437c0c532f06ad4

- when im creating html with body , head etc - all is ok , but after editing and saving , all metatags dissapearnig ! and i have to enter it again and save

I hope that im wrong , and it will be easy to explain and fix :-)

edit kirk.
fixed links. there is no need to break/disable the direct link and change http:// to hxxp:// direct linking/hot linking is permitted.

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Re: Sitemap.xml - forum widgets , portal , html`+ tags questions

Post by kirk on November 30th 2010, 7:22 pm

i am not sure if i am following you on what the question is?
Both links you provided appear to be the same page/format.outline

to me i don't think the links are portals it;s a html page set as the home page.
if it is the portal you want then you just have to set your portal as the home page then it will have your forum widgets etc...

or if you like you can always copy the portals whole source code and add along to the html page.. or place it in a iframe and add to you html as well.
there are a lot of options and different things you can do with your html pages..

As far as your meta tags and site map. i need to understand the problem better to try to help.If you can explain in more details it will better help us understand.

Unless i am way off on what your asking? lol, But, either way try to explain more and please be as detailed as possible.


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