Change forumotion cursor with a .cur or .ani file?

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Change forumotion cursor with a .cur or .ani file?

Post by MyPwny on December 4th 2010, 5:17 am

None of the scripts worked, the latest one I tried was suggested by gangstar15:

body {

cursor: url(, auto; } A { cursor: url(LINKS HOVER CURSOR), url(, auto; }

in CSS but it didn't work. What's wrong? I'm trying to change the cursor to an animated arrow thing that spins which I have in a .cur and .ani. I tried the .cur and the .ani both the same thing just diff format and none worked. I've literally tried at least over 10 different scripts I could find through google search and asked in the "Manage the appearance of your forum" section but nobody could figure it out. Can someone please help? It worked with an .ico file I tested but it won't change the cursor if I use a .cur or .ani file.

The original url for the gif is here:

I converted it to a .cur and .ani using AniTuner 2. Maybe someone could try converting the link above to a .cur and .ani for me and upload? Maybe the program I used isn't the right one? I honestly don't know why nothing works. I've tried scripts for site description and various scripts for the CSS but NOTHING works for me :S

The .cur and .ani I had was uploaded via Fileden and if someone wants the links to the cursors I made they're here:


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Re: Change forumotion cursor with a .cur or .ani file?

Post by Sanket on December 4th 2010, 8:19 am

You already had a similar topic about the cursors, do not make multiple topics.

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