Make a Security Bot

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Make a Security Bot

Post by Harmondale on December 8th 2010, 7:20 am

I was getting tired of new members that signed up just to spam adds all the time, now this isnt a real bot as i will explain,

All this is a fake Bot that always apears in the whos online section so before i go on heres an example Link Removed scroll down to the whos online box and you will see Security Bot name in red like it was actually logged in when infact all it is is a link to a page that has who evers click its details, enough to scare off basic newbs who nothing about hacking anyway here is how to do it

i only use phpb2 so not sure if it works in others

1. Make a Html Page (Admin CP> Modules > Html Pages Management) Put what you want on it (if you want yours like mine i will give you the code)

2. Now you will need to edit a Template so goto Admin CP > Display > Templates - Portal > mod_whoisonline

2. look for {LOGGED_IN_USER_LIST}
after this you want to put your bots name, link and font color

{LOGGED_IN_USER_LIST}, <B><a href="YOUR HTML PAGE URL"><font color="red">Security Bot</a></B></font>

Tip: Remember to put font color inside the url code otherwise your forum link color will overide it

3. Save the template then hit publish, and there you have it, easy as pie Smile

Feel free to ask any questions

I didnt suggest this for tutorial section becuase to be honest im not one for making tutorials and dont think it would make it anyway Wink so general seems next logical place lol

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Re: Make a Security Bot

Post by Sanket on December 8th 2010, 7:24 am

Well, i don't consider this worth discussing as well in the GD. Hence, this thread is being garbaged. Smile

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