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Support for forum Store

Post by the_pillo on December 10th 2010, 12:38 pm

There are certain things that I would love to see buyable with the points system.
There are already modules for this sort of thing through phpbb. I would love to see them implemented on this site. Here are some links to what i am talking about:

Basically it would entail things like name glow
the ability to purchase a rank.
ability to create a group (such as a guild or clan or something).
The ability to purchase donation stars with points.
The ability to purchase 1 time use abilities, like, locking your own topic, moving your topic to a different section, etc.
the ability to purchase random items. A good example would be something that a user could buy, and when used it has a random effect. AKA, it could give the user X amount of points, Post a thread somewhere with predefined parameters ( ------ USER FOR MOD!) or something.

Just basically a use for the points that the users accumulate as they use the forums.

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Re: Support for forum Store

Post by blade99 on December 10th 2010, 1:04 pm

thx for your suggestions will try to use this...

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