Vote System Severe Glitch!

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Vote System Severe Glitch!

Post by Kirbyarm on Sat 18 Dec - 16:39

This one is actually a very bad glitch I've stumbled across that I think the admins should look into fixing.. I'm almost ready to deactivate the vote system (reputation) that I spent a good 8 hours making customized graphics for and getting the CSS / templates correct.

Anyways, the problem is when a user votes (pressing the vote positive or negative buttons in the upper right hand corner of a post) the vote is permanently attached to that post# throughout the entire forum.

For example, the first topic you ever make, the first message (original message) gets 5 votes, the second gets 2 votes, and the third gets 3 votes (doesn't matter if they're negative or positive).

Now the problem is visible when you delete that topic and create another one. You can re-sync forums, create new categories to try and get around it, but ANY forum you create a topic(s) in will *remember* those votes.

So using the above example. I go to a new forum, post a topic with two messages. And the first message will have the same 5 votes from the same people, nothing can ever change this. The second post will have 2 votes. Now we go to another forum, create a topic there, and the first message will have 3 votes, thus the coding somewhere remembers that the third post created on the entire forum had those exact votes.

There's no way to unvote or have deleted posts / topics also negate any votes upon deletion. And seeing as those few posts I was testing around my buttons and bars on happen to be the first on the forum while it's under construction, makes it quite inconvenient for when I go to actually make my real forum boards and initial topics. It's unattractive for when I wish to promote and launch it.

If this address is being issued or there is a way to solve it, can someone let me know here please, so I don't have to keep my hard work deactivated?

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