Time to listen up Forumotion!

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Time to listen up Forumotion!

Post by Brad38 on December 18th 2010, 4:46 pm

Admins, Mods and higher ups;

I have been a member of your service for over 2 years now and I've witnessed all the bumps (up and down) along the road. You have a great service here, no question, but you're teetering on the edge every day. Every day, we are all unsure what changes you make will affect our forums and how! You say you strive to keep us with the current technology for our forums, but do you ever really test out the changes you are making and understand how they will affect us all? Some of us pay good money for different features for our forums, but you still treat those members like we mean nothing. Not everyone is willing to pay for services, granted...but when you have paying members, SURELY you owe them better service than you've been providing!!!

If one searches for other hosting companies for free forums, I've even seen reference and statements saying " DO NOT USE FORUMOTION". Why is this? I still haven't let it dissuade me from keeping my Forumotion Forum up and running and trying to make it the best I can for my membership. Don't strangle hold us to using your services and if you can't keep things more stable. Why is it that suddenly and unexpectedly things seem to always fail on a weekend? Why is that there is never anyone around on a weekend to fix problems? If this was a genuine business, there should always be SOMEONE around, even on a weekend to look into problems!

In my humble opinion, you are catering FAR too much to the younger subscribers and not catering ENOUGH to those who are older, more long term and/or willing to pay for services, IF they are good!

This is a note to management of these forums to take note, listen to and respect your members! Start branching out and trying to provide more consistent free forums for a broader base of subscribers. You're cutting your nose off despite your face if you do otherwise! Other services are offering very reasonable prices for extra services and some of us might have to migrate to those eventually.

Sincerely and respecfully still...

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Re: Time to listen up Forumotion!

Post by Harperboy326 on December 18th 2010, 6:34 pm

Why would you post this in the support thread? This should be garbaged! Shit

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Re: Time to listen up Forumotion!

Post by kirk on December 18th 2010, 6:35 pm

@Brad38 wrote:If one searches for other hosting companies for free forums, I've even seen reference and statements saying " DO NOT USE FORUMOTION".
No brainier.
Yeah of course other host will say this because they want you to go with them not another host

People can find what they like the best and go with that.
If you are not down with forumotion and feel they are not providing enough,forumotion are not forcing or breaking anyone's arm to stay with forumotion.

I honestly do not understand complaints like this. you give give and give, but it's never enough.
All i can say is choose what you like the best and go with that, but every host will have something you do not like paid or not.

And to answer why admins other higher up staff are not here on the weekends.
They are FRENCH.. affraid

they take 2 hour lunches everyday and do not work weekends.

Two hour lunches.. that must be nice.

One more comment then the thread will be locked.


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