A Shop Using The Point system [Request]

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Wouldn't you like a shop using the point system?

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A Shop Using The Point system [Request]

Post by Black Mist on December 20th 2010, 4:39 am

Can we get a shop using the point system, i mean theres no point on having the point system if theres no shop, and should be able to customize it to how you want it
you have: (so-so points or what ever the forum is calling it) when you have enough money, your able to click it, and then a PM should go out to a ADMIN.
Buy custom rank : 2500
Buy usergroup : 10,000
Buy the permission to ban user (6 hours, once a week) 75,000

other APC's have it, i just thought we should. it should be at the top where log in and U.C.P is at. you can customize it to say what you want it to say (for me it would be PN shop) your points should be show at the top too (My points are called $$$Cash$$$)
if you need an example of how it looks, i can post a link and you can see for yourself.

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Re: A Shop Using The Point system [Request]

Post by Sanket on December 20th 2010, 7:27 am


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