GoDaddy asking me to review the ICANN data?

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GoDaddy asking me to review the ICANN data?

Post by Damon8847 on December 20th 2010, 5:20 am

I received a mail by GoDaddy asking me to review and confirm/edit the registrar data of my domain that I got through Forumotion, the mail included a domain-key but without the proper account on godaddy, guess the forumotion one, its of course impossible to edit the data.

Is this just an accident that I got this mail or is it supposed like that, that the people who use the domain can edit this data? Or does Forumotion keep track of this and edit (or confirn) them?

Thanks anyhow, if you wanna see the mail I can copy and past them minus the personal details, of course.

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