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Post by The Godfather on November 5th 2007, 12:31 pm


What is an Avatar?

An avatar is a small picture that is displayed under the user's name. This allows them to show their humor or to represent themselves.

Who chooses the avatar?

Your members choose their avatar themselves, in their profile. However, you have possibilities to change their avatar if the avatar doesn't respect the rules or if the member has troubles putting it himself.

How to put an Avatar?

Click on Avatars Menu2_10 in the link bar at the top of the forum page and then click on the "Avatar" link above the frame, at the right hand side of the page

Avatars Avatar1pm8

Forumotion proposes 3 ways to you, depending on where the avatar is located

1- It the avatar is on your PC : you click on "Browse" (the button's language depends of your browser's language) to look for the picture on your hard drive, then submit.
CAUTION : By default, the picture must not exceed 32 KB in weight and 150*200 pixels in size. Only .jpg, .gif and .png format are accepted.

2- You can choose an avatar in the gallery (it must be enabled)

3- You can put the URL of an avatar that is hosted on the Web. You can choose to have it uploaded directly on the board's server (if you linked a googled image) with "Upload avatar from a URL", or link it off from the site where it's hosted (if you hosted it yourself). In the first options, the limits in size are applicated. In the second option, the limits in size and weight are not applicated and nothing will prevent your member from using very large pictures.

Can I change the maximum size for uploaded avatars?

Yes, since the latest updates, it's possible to set up the maximum size for uploaded avatars. For this, you go to Admin Panel > General Admin > Configuration > "Avatars and Profiles" > you change "Avatar maximum dimensions" and "Maximum avatar file size".
CAUTION : You can't put higher values (ex : 175*250) than the default ones, but you can put lower values (ex : 80*80)

How to enable the Avatar gallery?

In the Admin Panel > General Admin > Configuration > "Avatars and Profile" tab > choose "Yes" beside "Enable the Avatar gallery"

Can I personalize the gallery?

You can add 30 avatars in the gallery and they will be stored in a category named "Site gallery" and it will appear in the 1st page.

However, you can't delete the default galleries completely, but you can disable them in Admin Panel > Styles Admin > Avatars > "Avatar Gallery" tab > you untick which ones you don't want to display.
CAUTION : Disabling categories won't give you space !

Why is my avatar not animated?

If your avatar is on your PC, it cannot exceed 20 KB. Certain avatars exceed 20 KB with the animation, but are under 20 MB without the animation. In this case, the avatar is displayed without animation

What can I do if a member shows a shocking avatar?

If a member doesn't respect the rules about avatars, you can forbid him to show an Avatar : Admin panel > User & Group Admin > Management > Choose the member > Can display an Avatar > No

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