Trouble with forum settings

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Trouble with forum settings

Post by Zcat on December 22nd 2010, 3:48 am

I'm having multiple problems with my forum set up. According to the theme i'm using "phpBB3" according to the help support sight in profile i'm using "phpBB2". When i try and use the phpBB2 i lose my chatbox. I search different topic try and fix my problem and alot of what i found will only work on phpBB2. I've also tried to make changes in "templets/general" and i can't modify anything. I also added some codes under CSS to change the front page of my forum. The is the code i used:
.forabg {
margin-bottom: 20px;
I went back to delete the changes i was not successful there either. I check "See your forum basic CSS" i did not see the codes.
I don't know if the version of hotskin is wrong with the forum i'm trying to set up. I'm having trouble entering codes for icons for my other administrator (crown). Everytime i try and change something its the wrong version of skin or that version don't work with what i'm currently using. I think all my setting are off. "I was wondering if a technical support person could go in and look at my forum and tell me what's wrong". Look under help, sos, urgent, support before putting up this topic. I've been searching and trying to fix these peoblems for seven hrs! Also some of my members are now experiencing "syntax errors" as i said i added code to the CSS Stylesheet and later went back to try and undo it. I thought that might have cause their error message. Could someone in tech support please help me! I'm new in setting up this forum. I've read and look so much i'm totally confused.

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