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Many ideas

Post by tbonnette on December 22nd 2010, 4:43 am

Ok, so when I joined I thought this was going to be awesome. It is, but when I used google webmaster tools, my site wasn't being seen. This is because I do not have full control of my site. I cannot change certain files that require being changed to be found easier. So, my first suggestion is to make the admin controls completely open so we can fully edit our site. Second "suggestion" is to improve your english, I can barely under stand some sentences. 3rd suggestion, allow the ability to sense mobile devices. Also, we work hard on our sites, expecting awesomeness. But then we want to switch hosts. But we can't. And we have to get all our files we used. Can't do that. This host, not to be mean or anything, is like a locked room, we only have so much room and limited items. Please unlock that room. It's getting very empty and I need more things to work with, but I have to get it from someone else while I'm locked up. These are many improvements that could be made. Also, I made iPhone homescreen icons work with a 3 line code
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