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In need of a HTML expert to make a front page.

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In need of a HTML expert to make a front page. Empty In need of a HTML expert to make a front page.

Post by Minimj December 27th 2010, 8:18 pm

Hey Guy's

I am looking for an expert to help me create a front page for my forum. I am trying to make it look professional.

Something like this would be awesome!

I am willing to pay the person to create it for me. I do have Dreamweaver, but I do not know a lot about it, or if you could help me create it, would be amazing!

I hope someone can help me make it.

Thank you!

Ryan Smile

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In need of a HTML expert to make a front page. Empty Re: In need of a HTML expert to make a front page.

Post by kirk December 30th 2010, 1:51 am

well it dose look nice but i think that was done by css or template editing through the host features? not sure.

Anyway that being said you can still get stuff like that on forumotion html page for sure. if you are looking to pay someone to design something then you should just google it.

what did you have in mind, colors background images widgets music player video etc...

Because there are a lot of people here that could help and give pointers for free as well.

but no business deals here on support, lol

ig you want to pay you should just go with wix and have pay to have their link/add removed . it will probably be much cheaper then hiring a web desighner/developer for a html home page.

With wix it is pretty easy and the offer a lot of features of things to add, and you do not even need any knowledge of html.
Basically you design what you want, the have simple directions as you go along but most is self explanatory.

then when you are finshed, they provide an embed code when you hit publish.
This is all for free. but they do have a thing in the code that has a small add from wix.. but you can pay to have that removed.. or you can leave that lil thing and just remove the links in the bottom of the code.

So check it out, even if you decide to still go with a designer you can always make banners and widgets etc with them as well, you can add flash and all.


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