User censoring

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User censoring

Post by khunnye on January 2nd 2011, 8:31 pm

I just wanna censor some word not to be used as user accounts such as BRITNEY, LADY GAGA etc
but if I add these words in the word censoring option any words contain the words I censored are all consored, right? such as BRITNEY09 is now allowed

The thing is...I just want to censor BRITNEY only, not BRITNEY09, BRITNEYlovesme etc
How could I do that??

My version is PunBB

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Re: User censoring

Post by kirk on January 3rd 2011, 3:17 am

i am not sure,
just test it and see how it works.
I can do a couple test my self as well.. but basically will just come down to adding the words in your word censor and then try registering with the same words you added a few different way.

I would just do any words to test it then if it works that way go back and add the real ones you want, this way if you do have members with names and numbers like that it will not effect them as you are testing.

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