Possible hack or poor quality.

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Possible hack or poor quality.

Post by faith and devotion on January 6th 2011, 5:40 am

Hello those that can help.

About a week ago I got a PM from a "Guest" which I find rather strange indeed seeing as how "Guests" are blocked until they become a member, the message was gibberish and all in a foreign language. However I deleted it and thought nothing of it. However, I've now been finding it difficult to log in, password not working properly and the forum barely knows I exist in terms of name and pass. (and I am typing it correctly.) Also to this, my forum seems to be changing colours and then reverting back to normal then changing again and so forth.

I've asked my regulars and they haven't had any problems.

I'm just wondering if any help can be shed on this or, if possible someone from Forumotion can take a look?
faith and devotion

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Re: Possible hack or poor quality.

Post by Sanket on January 6th 2011, 6:08 am

About the Guest Issue:
Its not a delete member, but someone who used the contact link in the footer of your forum.

For password issues.
Pm MrMario, he could be the quickest person to help you. Smile

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