Inboard search engine ignores certain predefined terms

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Inboard search engine ignores certain predefined terms

Post by Ras on January 17th 2011, 11:46 am


I have a problem with the inboard phpBB search engine.

I don not wish to have to have Google in my forum and so I cannot switch the Google machine 'on' for inboard searches.

So I'll have to do with the phpBB machine. The problem with this search machine is, that it:

-needs more than three letters so small names like 'Roy' or 'Dub' won't get found

-it ignores some predefined (?) terms like 'little' or 'anything'

Especially the latter (the predefined 'ignore' list) is quite annoying.

Is there a way so I can alter the conditions under which the search machine works (preferably change/adjust the list of predefined 'ignored' words) so I can make it more suited for my board/forum ?

Thanks in advance


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