Optimium Settings for Gallery

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Optimium Settings for Gallery

Post by Measha06 on January 19th 2011, 2:31 pm

I have recently organised a craft forum and added the gallery as photos of our creations is crucial to the forum. Now I have not adjusted any of the default settings and I have found that after a couple of postings the free gallery space alloted is 62% gone with only 3/4 members. We have 71 memebers and climbing so want to make the space as effective as possible. Can you please advise the optimum settings to get as many pics as possible out of the space.

Can you also advise cost of extra space and how people mean the space expires. Does this mean if for example you get 20 free space and then say add 10 but only 5 gets used then do you just loose the remaining 5 or all 10 that was bought?

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