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Insane RP

Post by Mythic on December 22nd 2010, 4:02 am

Insane RP
(Forum Banner Under Construction)

Choice of Category: Games & RPG
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: To create a friendly environment for users to RolePlay chat, and hang out

Administrators: CrazyDragonGirl, Saga (founder)
Global Moderators: Curfewdawn, Jes, Rainbo, Vrail
Support Moderators: ^Darth Aslan, Scary Little Husky Girl, CaShaunta, StarCraftkiller
Graphic Designers: XxChihiroxX
Reviewers: --
Inactive Officials*: Vrail, CaShaunta, StarCraftkiller, Curfewdawn, Rainbo
Officials: --
Forum Spammer Rank Achieved**: Scary Little Husky Girl
^Darth Aslan holds a customized IRP admin banner and rank but is NOT an admin due to his lowered activity levels. He will be heading to college soon. *Inactive due to issues with life: V and CaS have no internet at home right now, Rainbo is really busy, Curf is doing a major project right now and SCk has life-threatning illness. I know CaS and SCk Face-to-face, and trust the other three toan extreme degree. **Rank annotates fact that member is our "Designated Prankster" and serves as warning that her inside information may be accurate, as a member of my household, or may not be, as her true nature shows through.

Categories (Head Mod/Admin):
Announcements (Saga and Scary Little Husky Girl)
Opinions, Updates, Mod Squad and Site Modifications (Saga)
War Forum (Curfewdawn)
Dis Iz Mai Group Yo (Darth Aslan)
TSInet and others (Darth Aslan)
Thor's Universe *Main RP* (Saga)
RolePlay Dynasty *Individual RolePlays* (CrazyDragonGirl)
Whatever Bin *GD* (CrazyDragonGirl and Scary Little Husky Girl)
Anime (XxChihiroxX)

Posts: 520+
Topics: 70+
Users: 15
Posts Per Day: 2.88
Topics Per Day: .40
Users Per Day: .08
Activity Poiunts: 284
Newest Member: TheIZanater1304

Forum Overview:
(I could not display it as a pic with Chrome or I can't figure out how.) beu

Unique Characteristics:
~Insane RolePlays has a FlagMap on the portal (Uncommon feature with Forumotion boards)
~Small but active memberbase (CrazyDragonGirl, Saga, XxChihiroxX, Darth Aslan, and/or Scary Little Husky Girl are on almost every day.)
~We have admins that chat with the members like equals (And are nearly always on).
~We reward members every 10 posts, mainly with Experience points.
~We feature a suggestions forum that is frequently checked and considered (and, admittedly, almost empty).
~We have two on-site Graphic Makers who log in and take all requests and complete them swiftly.
~When a spot in the hierarchy becomes available, the members are moved up into position and a new mod becomes available.
~Dynamic layout and frequent gallery updates.
~New Updates-board updates, smilie updates, avatar updates, and even group and rank updates-at least every two weeks.

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