Still problems with signitures

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Still problems with signitures

Post by dougywu on January 28th 2011, 4:57 pm

note : SIG shows up FINE when you PREVIEW thread
always attach signiture is checked
aloow signitures - global checked

Heya, look I added the sig you sent to my photobucket and copied the IMG link to these forums and also the wwiiol forums. It seems not to be displaying at all, even though its showing perfectly on the sig preview screen.

On the wwiiol forums theres 2 options-
Copy and paste the IMG link which I did. And upload from your computer, which i had the sig saved on. Both seemed not to work and when uploading from my computer I got the following error, "signature is too big and needs to be 500x100" or something like that.

So I resized it and resubmitted the sig but the next error was that it was too big, 70 something kilobytes, when the max the forum would accept was something like 19 KB. So I'm totally confused.

Am I too stupid for signatures frand? No

I heard sometimes it takes some time to update so maybe later it will be working.


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Re: Still problems with signitures

Post by Vlajki on January 28th 2011, 5:45 pm


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