Order of the Categories in the Gallery

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Order of the Categories in the Gallery

Post by Jaimee - ME on January 31st 2011, 2:15 am

Hi there,

We have been trying for 2 days to change the order of the categories within the Gallery.

Within the admin panel, they are correct. This is the order they show up in within the admin panel. There is no "save" button here, but we did use the up and down arrows to move them to this order.

"Your New Puppy"
"Your CJRT!"
"Salty Old Dog"
"In Loving Memory"
CJRTs Playing!
CJRTs Training!
"Anything Not Dog Related"

However, when in the forum, actually viewing the gallery, the order does not stay this way. In fact, it seems haphazard with no rhyme or reason - and changes periodically. Never quite know what order those categories are going to be in.

At first, we assumed, we had forgot to save - but there is no save button in the admin panel.

Then, we thought it must update itself chronologically, depending on when the newest photos were uploaded. This does not appear to be the case either, as the first album is from 2009 and the second album has pics from 2011.

We're just not understanding what we have to do to make those categories "stick" in the order we have them in the admin panel.

Appreciate any and all help with this.

Thank you,

Jaimee - ME
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