Empty space above the chat box

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Empty space above the chat box

Post by DH1 on February 7th 2011, 7:07 am

I like the chat box very much. It gives the members something active to do while they are reading post's or just wanting to chat with other members.

The empty space above the Chat Box however does leave a whole area that could be filled with something else. Maybe perhaps something along the lines of a Radio Station Tuner where a selection of songs that the admin picks for general listening can be added or where the member can select radio tunes to listen to based on a Jukebox selection.

The jukebox idea may bring into question trademark and copyright issues though.

Another idea would be to make the area above the chat box when it is located at the bottom of the forum an area where you can place the site logo or provide a small slide show of images that are part of the gallery and have been selected to be at the front page of viewing for the day or week. Maybe because a member won a contest and had the most voted on image from the gallery or that the moderator's and admin chose certain images to be placed into the Image Slide Show.

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