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Normal Forum to Lined forum.

Post by Polka-Dot-Heart on February 15th 2011, 8:52 pm

Hey Guys, recently I got tried of how my forum looks because it's all dark blue, and when I tried to re design it (Fixing images etc), it went from normal looking forum to a list forum. O.O Examples below.

PS: My friend's Forum is also having a problem with it as well. I restored her theme so it looks like mine, but whenever I try to edit the Background image or something it decides to flip out.

I'm using incredible_fear's Mac Style Nav bar & Rok Dark Teal Theme (Edited to be blue), if it's a problem I'll take it off...Anyways

As for web browser, I'm using Google Chrome.

Before, I changed colors and Pictures.

After, I changed colors & tried to change pictures.

I restored my theme to it's old setting and it works fine but as soon as I tried to edit something it just messes up. I'm not using HTML. I also tried changing the theme and it still doesn't work.

If this is in the wrong place, sorry. Sad

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