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The Love and Good Deeds Crier

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The Love and Good Deeds Crier Empty The Love and Good Deeds Crier

Post by kschumacher February 21st 2011, 7:25 am

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Forum Title: The Love and Good Deeds Crier


Purpose: The Love and Good Deeds Crier is a forum where Christians can discuss current topics with the purpose to build each other up in love and be encouraged to action.


Love Your Neighbor, Love Your Enemy, Love the Muslim
-Study 1:On Fear

-Recognizing Worldly Fear
-A Godly Fear
-Acting Through the Fear of God
-For Further Ponderings: The Damaging Effects of Fear
-Study 2: On Love
-Love´s Perfect Example
-The Nature of Love
-Acting Through the Love of God
-For Further Ponderings: Putting Fear and Love Together
-Study 3: The Example of Jonah
-History Around Jonah´s Time
-God´s Concern for the Nations
-Developing and Imitating God´s Heart
-A Time for Repentance and Salvation
-For Further Ponderings: The City on a Hill
-Study 4: The Example of the Good Samaritan
-Proof of Salvation
-A True Neighbor
-God-Fearing Seekers
-For Further Ponderings:Known By Their Fruit
-Study 5: The Example of Cornelius
-God´s Unconventional Methods
-From Seekers to Jesus Followers
-For Further Ponderings: His by Another Name
-Appendix 1: A Brief Overview of Islam Practice
-Appendix 2: Muslim Seekers
-Appendix 3: Taking the Next Step

-About Islam
-The Compact Guide to World Religions
-Encountering the World of Islam
-Window on the World:When we Pray God Works
-The 30-Days Prayer Network
-Daughters of Islam: Building Bridges with Muslim Women
-I Dared to Call Him Father
-Three Cups of Tea

-List of Events

Testimonies of Love in Action
-What is Your Story?

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