How do I change buttons to...

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How do I change buttons to...

Post by sign da tits on March 10th 2011, 12:03 am

Links e.g. Home, Portal etc... on phpbb2, i removed the normal buttons but it went blank how do I get the links?
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Re: How do I change buttons to...

Post by phat-master on March 10th 2011, 2:52 pm

go to your site administration panel, uno where u edit the settings and stuff.

and go display->pic management->advanced mode

then scroll down and on the left it will say index, calendar, etc.. and on the right there will be a white rectangle.

now to get a pic for ur button find the button you want(index/home,calendar,search,etc..) then you can either upload your own picture that you want as a button and post the link in the space, or under upload an image click the see examples little link, and you can choose from some button example pics, or if you are after your original button pic, y dont u make a new forum with the basic forum style of the one you got/want and just find the links from that one and copy em into your forum.

hope this helped, lol im not exactly an expert at these forums, im asking several questions on here myself, i just thought id try an answer yours seeings as i know how it sucks having a question without an answer.

someone answer my q's please:


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