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Requesting Banner

Post by sholten on March 11th 2011, 2:55 am

Nature of the Creation:Guild Website
Size (In Pixels):Prefferably Not to big but still fit on a banner of a forum or a signature (sorry not sure how to explain in pixel size)
With or Without Animation:Designers Choice
Main Colors:Grey
Pictures & Links:Unable to think of Anything so im Relying on Creative people for help
Text to Insert :Grey Knights SWTOR Guild Republic Forces
Font (Provide Download Link):Designers Choice
Font Color:Designers Choice
Link to My Forumotion Forum:
Extra Comments:I am Currently attempting to set up a forum for my SWTOR Guild Grey Knight's, We require some assistance as well members currently do not have any form of skills in this area we are more Gamers / Tech Support then Web design heh so any help would be Appretiated. As stated the website is still just started and any help with just the banner or anything else anyone would like to contribute is welcome Thank you for anyone in advance who spends time attempting to Assist me i really appretiate it.

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