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Question about hosting images

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Question about hosting images Empty Question about hosting images

Post by felicity4us2 March 15th 2011, 8:04 am


I have images hosted on photobucket, another server where we had our board before, and a few other places.


Is this slowing down loading? Would the pages load faster if we store the images in the gallery? I only ask because it will be a huge amount of work. Wondering if it is worth the time - as far a speedy loading. Members have mentioned that they can see those other hosts trying to load these different places.

Thanks for any help.

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Question about hosting images Empty Re: Question about hosting images

Post by Tara09 March 15th 2011, 5:34 pm

No, it shouldnt be making any difference Wink

But it might be a good idea to host your images all in the one place eventually
....just so you can keep track of them.

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