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Edit locked thread

Post by lisa1302 on March 18th 2011, 2:12 am


On google, my forum comes up at the top and then underneath it is a forumotion thread as my forum was linked in it - the thread is now dealt with and locked, all I would like is that the original post I made is edited to have the url taken off so it doesn't show on google.

I already asked the mod who replied to the post (and maybe locked it I dont know) about this and was told it simply can't be done, but I don't understand why as I am able to do it on my forum so why cant you do it here?
It makes no difference to forumotion if my url is there or not so what is the harm in removing it so that it doesn't appear on google?

Can someone please say they can do this as I really do not want people who search for my forum to end up finding all my questions about setting up the forum, its just not good :-(

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Re: Edit locked thread

Post by lalalamda22 on March 18th 2011, 3:52 am

Are you saying that there is a thread here on Forumotion help that is locked, and you had a post in it that you want to edit, you are an admin or mod on a forumotion forum and a mod told you they locked a topic, while you can edit posts in it while the mod can't, or that you are a member on two forums, one of them the founder or an admin or a mod, and on the other forums a member said you can't edit a locked topic, while on the forums where you are a mod or higher you can?

1. I don't know how you would be able to as a member, yet I haven't had a topic locked here where I posted in it

2. I think if you are an admin that only you can and the moderator can't. I can test this out on my forums, as I am an admin there, but I do have a moderator account, if 2 is the case

3. Probably they are different kinds of forums


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Re: Edit locked thread

Post by Kalliopi on March 19th 2011, 12:15 am

I am also interested in this topic & would like to do the same. It's not good when members, or potential members, Google you forum and the first thing they find is the admin with a problem. When I need help on here in the future and they need my forum url I will use a spoiler. Wink If they do actually let you edit your post it will remain in Googles data base for a long time though. Sad

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Re: Edit locked thread

Post by Jophy on March 19th 2011, 7:18 am


I'm sorry I forgot to deal with your request, about this, I'm not deleting your forum link for the sake of having a record that you have your forum reviewed on the review section so we can keep track if you can request another review of your forum on a couple of weeks or so and it'll be easier for us to monitor if you'll be allowed to request another review, in this case, I will just put your forum links on hide tags so bots like google, yahoo etc. and guests won't be able to see the link and to prevent it from being shown on Google/other search engines. I already did your request so I consider this case closed.

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