Litigation Tool doesn't really work

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Litigation Tool doesn't really work

Post by m4 on March 28th 2011, 1:01 am

I have been seeing a lot of abuse with a forum called "VerveJoint". Although some of them are small, most of the abuse are rather large. I see people posting many members of the forum insult each other (using as racist, sexist, other discriminative, and regular insults), members posting pornographic and bad pictures, a lot of spamming, and even a member posting a picture of a swastika to insult another member. Some topic threads even have to do with doing/attempting to do illegal stuff.
Now, whenever the administrators see abuse, they don't do anything about it. In addition to the admins of VerveJoint, sometimes, THEY are the ones who cause, encourage, and/or join the abuse.

I've used the litigation tool to report on the forum a lot of times, but nothing really happens. No matter how many times I use the tool, VerveJoint is still causing abuse. In fact, the members and admins of the forum act like nothing happened.

I don't know if it takes time for the litigation tool to work, if I'm doing something wrong, or what, but the litigation tool itself doesn't help me at all.

What do I do about this?


VerveJoint's threads that contain abuse:

I'm probably going to have to edit this post sometimes for future updates about VerveJoint.

Edit kirk:
content removed, do not post the links to violations here, send it to a staff member.
you had thread links there that contains links to pornographic sites, you cant post that here on support either.the problem will be taken care of, you have to be patient.. and typlo or onlinegurdian will shut the site down.

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Re: Litigation Tool doesn't really work

Post by Jophy on March 28th 2011, 6:24 am

This shouldn't be done here, if you have sent a report, then the litigation team will review the forum if it really breaks the TOS, you won't get an update of your report, it's up to the litigation team. Now since a staff member reported the forum, our admin will review the forum and decide whether it's going to be banned or not.

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