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Solved Help With Bad Member

Post by hoodedwarbler12 on March 30th 2011, 1:37 am

One of my members, techguy1001, is very bad. First, long ago, I made him an admin, in my innocence. He broke a rule I set for him, and then claimed it was a hack. It was HIS IP address that did the edit, though. Then he cussed me out, breaking another rule. I banned him. He returned after the ban was up and entered the chatbox. He publicly insulted Typlo, which I think is against the terms of service. Then he cussed me out, so I banned him again. Now he's giving my site a bad review elsewhere. WHAT DO I DO?!

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Solved Re: Help With Bad Member

Post by BeBot on March 30th 2011, 3:00 am

Ignore him, and keep banning.

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Solved Re: Help With Bad Member

Post by Jophy on March 30th 2011, 3:52 am


Ban the member every time he returns to your forum, also, ban his e-mail so he can't register with same e-mail add, which can cause delay to his registering activity your forum:

Ignore him, because the more you show that you're worried about him, the more he'll insult you. Hope that helps.


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Solved Re: Help With Bad Member

Post by !_NICK_! on March 30th 2011, 5:50 am

You can also make it till where you have to approve of it first.
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Solved Re: Help With Bad Member

Post by kirk on March 30th 2011, 2:02 pm

well i would not worry what other may say in other places,
You should not even care and just focus on running your forum and providing your members with the best things to keep it fun interesting,new and exciting for them.

So just keep banning him, be sure to block everything you can, and like joph has said you can set it so you have to activate members your self.

You may want to change all the permissions of your forums as well and have to be put in a members group before you have access to all other sections of the forum.

You can create like an introductory forum where new members must introduce their self's before getting access to the rest of the forum,.
This way you can then first check their ip to see if it comes up as this member you are having problems with, then if it comes up with any related ip's from this banned member then you know not to let him in to the other sections.

And instead of banning him again, place him in his own non color hidden group with no permissions to do anything, not even to read topics. then every time he comes back with a new user name just continue to place him in this group. because he would first have to post in the intro secretion, you will be able to check ip's and see if it matches up with other ip,s used by this member

So the idea here would be he will most likely get sick of trying to get into rest of the forum,have no permissions to do anything anyway, and just give up and leave.. so he's beat... lol

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