Some changes I would like to make for my forum

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Some changes I would like to make for my forum

Post by yjosephh on March 31st 2011, 3:44 am

I've been trying and trying to find a solution for this but I cannot find it so I'm resorting to you guys(:

The first red box where it says "The ultimate picture thread", is there a way to change the font and style of that title? I want to change it but I have no clue how. If there is a CSS code for that, I'd appreciate it tons(:

The next red part is the red line after the title of the post and the date, author, etc. Originally, there's nothing there, but is there a way to add a line or a dotted line there to show separation between that "header" and the text?

Finally, on the way right, where it says , Posts:, Join date: etc. Is there a way to change the font style, size, or color of the Posts:, Join date: parts? I want to make it more distinguishable and visible; when it's all the same style it just looks kinda bland.

If there are ways to make these changes please let me know and I'll be very much appreciated!


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Re: Some changes I would like to make for my forum

Post by Nera. on March 31st 2011, 9:54 am

What is your forum version?
For phpbb3

1. ''The ultimate picture thread sign'' is the color of
a:link {
color: #your code here;
but it wont change only black color there but in other link places.

2. Default settings for your profile you change through Admin panel>> Users & Grups >> Profiles >>
, and the info that users write here =>
.postprofile dd, .postprofile dt {
color: #your code here;

3. To add a dotted line there below this =>
Code: {
add this
    border-bottom: 2px dotted;

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