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Solved A must have for every Forumotion

Post by ioncube on April 5th 2011, 7:35 am

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Being a parallel Blogger user I have experimented some of its features with the forum as well & have got quiet good results. I am writing this as a sort-off personal experience with the forum which is very appealing.

The first thing everybody using Forumotion must have is the WIBIYA toolbar. I have see the built-in features of RSS as well as social bookmarking & have found them extremely outdated in style. Using the above mentioned tool you get social bookmarking, rss. twitter, Facebook, latest posts, who is online...& every thing just visit my forum....

If you need help in integrating this toolbar just reply in this thread...

Second thing is facebook widget; which isn't necessary if you integrate this toolbar in your forum everything is in there ..
Also I have some html coding to make customised icons floating right/left of forumotion but they are kind-off heavy for the forum. Admins plz don't lock this thread a si will keep posting my further adventures with forumotion..cheers

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Solved Re: A must have for every Forumotion

Post by Sanket on April 5th 2011, 7:40 am

You are advertising your forum, which is considered as spamming. Hence, you receive your first warning.

Thread is hereby being locked & sent to the Garbage

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