Pop up message to a user

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Pop up message to a user

Post by LGforum on April 12th 2011, 12:39 am

Hi is it at all possible and i know its unlikely, to be able to make a message pop up on a users screen, to get their attention quickly?

Sort of like the homepage pop up thing, but with a message on it, and to only one user.
So i can sort of make a pop up saying something like 'Hey User, meet me in the chatbox urgent!' or something similar.

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Re: Pop up message to a user

Post by Mystic_gohan2 on April 12th 2011, 7:41 pm

and the other way is of taking the code of mouse hover pop up. if they hover there mouse from there it will catch attention Very Happy . like " EARN 2000$ IN 1 DAY" xD Razz .


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