Can someone provide me a code for flashing images

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Can someone provide me a code for flashing images

Post by MRU Rapid on April 19th 2011, 10:38 am

Can someone give me a link to do this: In a widget I want to put a few advertisements in images with redirection links when you click on any one of the images. I want an image to appear for 10 seconds and then a different image to take it's place for 10 seconds and so on. Can anyone provide a code for this.

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Re: Can someone provide me a code for flashing images

Post by kirk on April 20th 2011, 12:50 am

You need a image/banner rotators to do this,
also if they are flash images you would most likely have to change them to gif images to add to a code of the software used to create the banner/image rotations.

I use banner maker pro,Aleo flash and unlead gif animator software to create things like that.. if you check out cnet you may be able to find some free software that will allow you to do this.

Or you can even check this out.. you will be bale to add click-able text and images to the code, But you may have to play around with all the options and try it a few times before you get what you want.. and it is a lil slight different then what you are asking but can still work with pretty much the same concept.

either that or just post the images and links you want to use and i can try to put something together for you, but i am not going to go crazy with the flash because it takes time, also they will be gif images made from my flash software.

be sure you have all the images the same size you want to use as well.

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