Slideshow script problem

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Slideshow script problem

Post by sweetdeath on April 19th 2011, 6:05 pm

Hey guys! I found this cool slideshow script but it doesn't appear in my portal...
Can anyone help me, please? Thank you!
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Re: Slideshow script problem

Post by kirk on April 20th 2011, 12:18 am

there are no image links in the code.
you have to add the image links in the top part of the code where they have it marked.

Then you will need to add the top and bottom content where i have it marked here in this html header and body code.






For your play and stop images etc.. I would just right click and save the ones they have on the page and use them.
then it will be just a matter of you adding all the image links and text you want and adjust the settings how you wish in the chart they provide below.

Oh plus keep in mind there are 4 slide versions in that code, so you would have to choose the version you want to use then take out the rest from the code, you may be able to leave it in there to. i am not sure i will have to test a few things first.

to be honest i would just make something like that with a gif animator or banner/image rotators,But the difference with that is you would not have the stop,play left and right icons.

I was able to save these, the other ones there you can not save so you would have to find the icons somewhere or create your own.
But you can use these if you like.


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