Installing something onto forum.

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Installing something onto forum.

Post by SiKiN on April 25th 2011, 2:53 am

Hello I am the owner of a Minecraft forum which is a game if you dont know already. I am hosting a server for other players to join but in order for them to join they must first apply, this is called adding them to the whitelist. Adding players to the whitelist is a rather simple thing to do but as the players seem to keep coming and coming I do not want to be repeating the same steps over and over.

Now that you know my situation as of the current time I found this rather nifty(link below) tool that works on forums, It will allow you to install it on your forum and then in your game, and will automatically acquire new members when they register or are added into a group. THIS WOULD BE BRILLIANT!

Is this possible? Please if something isn't clear in this post let me know as I am quite tired. This would also give a major reason for players who dont like forums forced into registering to get onto the server.

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The tool in question

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Re: Installing something onto forum.

Post by kirk on April 25th 2011, 3:50 am

no you wont be able to install this, it's something designed for v-bulletin

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