Facebook killed....

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Facebook killed....

Post by HaXBoX7 on April 27th 2011, 3:32 pm

While the new age facebook arisen with new improovements durring 2009, it rapidly became popular, facebook currently reached 300.000.000 members
and it became a serious threat on many websites or IM applications.

I used to have 30 contacts daily online, 180 contacts total on my windows live
Now its completely dead, i barely see 2-3 persons online from 180 contacts, and they arent bothering talking.

Myspace is completely dead, only various artists post announcements and blog stuff. no one even cares anymore entering there, because of it outdated features, It was a nice website tho, untill they completely changed it, and you cannot make your own kickass profile customisation anymore.

I dont like facebook because it's unsafe and lately is full with viruses and spam.
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Re: Facebook killed....

Post by Doctor Inferno on April 27th 2011, 5:32 pm

Well, if you practice safe surfing and don't randomly click on links and allow apps into your account that you do not know of, Facebook is fine.
Doctor Inferno
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Re: Facebook killed....

Post by Ezio on April 27th 2011, 6:25 pm

yeah, maybe many people are not thinking about the negative effects of the use of facebook, I myself have rarely use facebook. owkowkowk Shocked
but it made ​​me curious about social media, last month I create a social network called kliklik, and I share to my friends who actively use facebook. but the link that I share even considered abuse and spam by facebook. zzz. and until now there are only 3 members in my own social media. Sad

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