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New WYSIWYG editor

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New WYSIWYG editor Empty New WYSIWYG editor

Post by ASOF Tue 3 May 2011 - 16:48

Dont like the New WYSIWYG editor, it has some really annoying features like when you paste something in you get a box coming up saying about security settings and instructiong you to use CTRL/CMD + V to paste, also in the previous version my settings showed spelling errors with mistakes underlined in red, this no longer works?

Why has no spell checker been integrated? now that would be a good feature considering how many posts contain typos

Smileys are gone from right panel to above (prefered them as they were) also if editing a post to edit a photo you have to click on source to find the code to edit, so much more fiddley than before! Already, got members complaining to me saying they don't like the change, would have been nice to have the option to keep the old system?

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