Iphone Looking Forum icons

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Iphone Looking Forum icons

Post by IamSpiX11 on Thu May 05 2011, 12:20

Nature of the Creation: Forum Category
Size (In Pixels): 60x60 px
With or Without Animation: without
Main Colors: it varies...
Pictures & Links:I attached sample icons
here is the preview for others who might not be able to DL..

Text to Insert : no text
Font (Provide Download Link): none ofcourse
Font Color: none ofcourse
Link to My Forumotion Forum:
Extra Comments: I have this game related forum..link above..
(uhhm, you cannot see all forums-->permissions applied)

I need something that will suit this categories.
(to give you a hint what it is, i will add description)
1. Knight Application - okay, as you can see, this is the place where they apply
2. Guest Lounge - wysiwyg
3. Trial Court - diplomatic issues against other guilds, guest post it here
4. General Chat - this is a common category, say everything you want
5. Graveyard - a place where dead players are recorded here
6. Deathlist - A list and discussion of a target player
7. Hitlist - similar to deathlist but is not subjected to death
8. War Discussions - wysiwyg
9. Library - wysiwyg
10. Battle Reports - battle reports are recorded here, under library
11. Guides - gameplay guides, under library
12. Introduction - wysiwyg
13. Forum Suggestions - wysiwyg
14. Forum Changes Logs/fixes/bugs - wysiwyg
15. Tavern - wysiwyg
16. Basket -history of the previous reset('coz the game resets every two months)

p.s., if you want a psd template, uhhm, comment here first and i will pm you...

p.s2. if you dont have enough time, or unable to do it, kindly give me some ideas or post pictures that you think suite each category..
e.g. knight application - (post a image)
in that way, i might able to do it, at the same time you are able to help me somehow...
Samples.zip You don't have permission to download attachments.(70 Kb) Downloaded 2 times

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